Defibrillators now on site

Tom, Lynn & Mike with our Defibrillator…

Walk around many of our towns and city’s these days and you will probably have noticed that defibrillators are more widely available. These important life saving devices are essential for when the unexpected happens to us.

FoWT’s Trustees, made the decision a while ago to equip our sites with defibrillators as a means of protecting not only our working volunteers but also the many visitors that visit the tunnels. Sadly these days we never know when the worst will happen and we may be in need of one of these Life Saving devices.

We were very grateful to Mike Moran, of Proton Partners International, Rutherford cancer centre for Donating our first defibrillator, which is to be located at Mason Street. We will be ordering a second unit for the Paddington Site too.

Alan Walker, giving us defibrillator training

Though defibrillators are intended for use by non-medically trained persons, when every second counts to save someone’s life, it does help to have a good knowledge of what to do whilst waiting for an Ambulance to arrive. We are very grateful to Alan Walker, from Speke Education and Training Centre (S.T.E.C) who agreed to come to Mason Street to train our volunteers on the use of our Defibrillators.

Whilst it is comforting to know that we are prepared for the worst, let’s hope that we never need to use either of these defibrillators…

Our defibrillator, in place, just in case. Lets hope we dont need them…


FoWT Feature in new TV documentary

“Underground Worlds” the series trailer. Follow this link to watch the complete episode 3, featuring FoWT


A few months ago, “Phoenix Television” spent a busy few days with us at the Williamson’s Tunnels in order to film a new upcoming, 10 part TV series “Underground Worlds“.

Tom, Kaitlyn & Chris took part in the filming. Tom & Chris Spent a few days being followed by the camera, being intervied and doing what seemed the silliest thing, Noddies (looking at the camera and nodding)! These few days in front of the camera were enjoyable, but it was also one of the most stressful few days too.

We have had confirmation as to when the series and of course more importantly, our episode will air.

Transmission of the 10 part series starts on Wednesday 25th September 2019 at 8pm on the Yesterday Channel. It has now been confirmed that our particular episode, is No: 5 of 10 and will be transmitted on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 – but do keep an eye out in case the transmission order or dates change, it has already changed once in the last 2 days.

For our American members, the series will be transmitted in America too on a date and channel yet to be announced.

Put it in your diaries and enjoy 😊

Updated (Sat 05/10/2019)

I have been told that the schedule of this excellent new 10 part series, Underground Worlds may have been changed. I believe the Episode featuring #FoWT will now Air on Wednesday 9th October at 8 pm on the Yesterday Channel.

Be sure to tune in, we hope you enjoy it…

Updated (Fri 18/10/2019)

The Series of Underground Worlds, can be watched online on UKTV Play on demand.

The compete episode 3, of Underground Worlds, which featured the Williamson’s Tunnels and FoWT can be seen by following this link:

“Underground Worlds”, Episode 3 – featuring FoWT

We have been delighted to receive some very positive feedback following our episode. It would seem that this TV series has done very well and as a result, we were also featured in an article by the Daily Mirror newspaper about the Underground Worlds, you can see this online article here:

Daily Mirror newspaper article – “Underground Worlds”, featuring FoWT


360° Virtual Tour of the tunnels

We often get asked by people who can not visit the tunnels themselves, “Do you have a virtual tour of the Tunnels?” Although we have never had a virtual tour, we regularly publish lots of still photographs on our web site, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

However, this is about to change. We are pleased to announce that work has started on creating a series of interactive, online 360° photographs. Trustee Chris has started creating a series of 360° Virtual Reality views of the Tunnels. So far, only a few have been completed, but the aim is to create 360° images of all sections of tunnels, giving as many views of our chambers as possible, for all to see.

With these images, you can scroll around, up and down, viewing each chamber in any direction you wish. Of course, most people that have visited before, would agree that even these 360° views are still no match to actually seeing the chambers with your own eyes. but if you are not in a position to visit, for whatever reason, hopefully they will be the next best thing.

We do hope you enjoy these VR images of FoWT’s Tunnel network. Pop back to this post periodically for updates as we update it with new 360° views as they get done.

Joseph Williamson’s house site, Mason Street

Wine Bins

This view is from just inside the entrance to the Wine Bins, with the lovely elliptical arch clearly visible.
This view is from the steps underneath the Bishops Mitre arch, looking over the wall into the cistern chamber and back towards the entrance.

Sandstone Arch & Gash

The Top of the Gash, leading down from the Sandstone Arch, continuing down the Gash into the bowls of the Banqueting Hall.
A view looking back towards the Sandstone Arch and down into the entrance of the Gash, which leads down further into the Banqueting Hall

Banqueting Hall

This is a view inside the Banqueting Hall, with the main chamber at one end, the trench visible and the Gash slopping down into the trench.
This view is taken from within the trench, looking up the Gash at one end, then around to show the Rock Cut arch cut into the wall of the Banqueting Hall. This we think will lead us into the Great Tunnel in the future.

New Chamber, along side the Banqueting Hall

This view is taken from the bottom of the trench, and within the small Rock Cut Tunnel entrance. with view bak into the Banqueting hall and the New Chamber.
This view is taken from the New Chamber, showing the entrance down below and the nice Stone Arch wich is now quite high up
This view is taken from within the New Chamber where work is currently being undertaken.

Paddington Site

This view is taken from within the Boote Chamber in Level 3 Paddington, Williamson’s Classic Arch Shapes nicely visible.
This view is taken from within Level 3 Paddington, The arch where the amazing view down into Level 4 can be seen is on the left.
This view is taken from within Level 3 Paddington, This view looks around Level 3, and down into the Cathedral Like Chamber of Level 4.
This view is taken from the bottom of our new staircase that allows access from Level 3 down into Level 4 of Paddington.
The view within the amazing Level 4 Paddington, some 60ft below gound level.
The view within the amazing Level 4 Paddington, some 60ft below gound level.

You can also view these same 360° images on Kuula or Flickr

Please note: To view this 360° content, click on the image. It is possible that these 360° images may not work in all Web browsers, such as Chrome on Android. If you do receive the error “Failed to load the VR scene” (or similar) when trying to view the images, try using a different Web browser.

FoWT win yet another award…

Wow, you wait years for an award then 2 come along at once! Following our amazing award last week, we were delighted to be notified today that we had received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

“We’re pleased to announce that Williamson’s Tunnels – Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels has been recognised with a 2019 Certificate of Excellence, based on the consistently great reviews you’ve earned on the world’s largest travel site.”

en-US-UK 2x

This is actually our second certificate off TripAdvisor, having already received the same in 2018

This of course is wonderful news, however we could not have done it without the support and hard work of our volunteers and of course the wonderful feedback from our visitors.

A proud day, FoWT Win Tourism Award

Having been shortlisted for the Liverpool City Region, Tourism Awards 2019 we sought your help in getting votes for the big Award Ceremony in Liverpool Cathedral.

On Thursday 16th May 2019, the big day arrived, FoWT Chairman Gordon and Trustee Chris attended the Awards.  If you have ever visited the cathedral before, I am sure you will appreciate what an amazing building this is. There were bars, and the dining area with a stage and 3 very large screens.

The spectacular cathedral set for the Tourism Awards 2019
The spectacular cathedral set for the Tourism Awards 2019

We sat down at our table, along with other hopeful’s, from Cafe Tabac, Bold Street and Shore Cottage Studio, Thurstaston, Wirral. We enjoyed a complimentary Liverpool gin and tonic, which was very nice indeed. Then we had the most delightful 3 course meal.

Our Table and view of the proceedings

Finally, with the suspense building, the awards began. the compare on the night was Andi Oliver, television and radio broadcaster who you may remember from the “Great British Menu” or “Saturday Kitchen” on the BBC.

Andi Oliver, TV & radio broadcaster from BBC’s “Great British Menu” or “Saturday Kitchen”.

The award ceremony commenced, and some time later, the “Hidden Gem” award was announced. We were quite nervous at this point with anticipation. Then this happened…

Video Curtesy of “Marketing Liverpool” 

The announcement was made, FoWT won the award, we cheered along with many other people in the crowd. Winning this was most definitely unexpected, as there were other contenders in for the Hidden Gem category that were just as deserving of this award. However, FoWT had received the most votes from the public, our supporters and members.  We had won!

Gordon and Chris were then taken to the stage, were Andi Oliver congratulated us and presented us with our trophy.

Gordon Hunter & Chris Iles receiving our award on behalf of FoWT (Picture: Liverpool City Region – Local Enterprise Partnership
Hidden Gem A
Gordon and Chris receiving our award from Andi Oliver (Picture: Liverpool City Region – Local Enterprise Partnership
Our Treasured award back on our table…

What a proud day that was for FoWT, not just for Chris and Gordon receiving the award, but also for every single volunteer that has helped dig in the tunnels over the years and the committee and Trustees who have worked tirelessly in the background since 1996.

LCR Tourism awards 2019.Picture by Gareth Jones
LCR Tourism awards 2019. (Picture by Gareth Jones)

A very proud night indeed, and from now on I guess we can call ourselves the “Award Winning Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels” 😊.

You can view the Awards web site, and all the winners here:

Liverpool City Region Tourism Awards 2019