360° Gallery by Adrian Little – Gallery No.1

The amazing 360° images on this page, are a virtual walk through of the Williamson’s Tunnels, masterfully created by the very talented Adrian Little. Adrian is a Virtual Reality 360° Image Specialist and is also a Trusted Google Street View Photographer.

This wonderful set of images, will take you on a virtual tour through Paddington, then around the corner to Williamson’s House Site, down into Joseph’s basement and kitchen. From there, we will continue to descend further into Joseph’s subterranean world, where you can explore The Wine Bins, The Sandstone Arch, The Gash and last but not least the Banqueting Hall. So, come with us, as we take a look through these wonderful interactive images, through the Williamson’s Tunnels.

If you would like to know more about Adrian’s work, you will find many more stunning 360° virtual tour images taken in many different and interesting locations on his web site. You can visit Adrian’s 360 web site here:

Please note, 3d images may take a few moments to load. 


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

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360° Photogographs: © Adrian Little – 2018