360° Virtual Tour of the tunnels – Gallery No.1

Gallery No.1

We often get asked by people who can not visit the tunnels themselves, “Do you have a virtual tour of the Tunnels?” Whilst we regularly publish lots of still photographs on our web site, Twitter and Facebook accounts, that is not a virtual tour by any means.

We have been working on a series of interactive, online 360° photographs, the next best thing. Trustee Chris has created this series of 360° VR images within the Tunnels. We hope that you will enjoy these 360° views.

With these images, you can scroll around, up and down, viewing each chamber as if you were inside. Of course, most people that have visited before, would still agree that even these 360° views are still no match to actually seeing the chambers with your own eyes. But if you are not in a position to visit, then hopefully they will help give you a good idea of what the tunnels really look like inside.

We do hope you enjoy these VR images of FoWT’s Tunnel network.

Please Note, these  360° images can take a little longer to load. If you experience problems with images loading, try refreshing your browser.

Joseph Williamson’s house site, Mason Street

Joseph Williamson’s House basement

This is an overall image of Joseph Williamson’s house site from on top of the office container.

Joseph Williamson’s Kitchen and Yard area

This view is with Joseph Williamson’s basement and kitchen area from between the rear bay window supports and the rear yard area.

Wine Bins

This view is from just inside the entrance to the Wine Bins, with the lovely elliptical arch clearly visible.
This view is from the steps underneath the Bishops Mitre arch, looking over the wall into the cistern chamber and back towards the entrance.

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