Ash Chamber, We are nearly there…

The last few months have seen our digging team continue to dig out the Ash Chamber. The Ash Chamber has grown in size at quite an impressive rate and is the largest and deepest of the two chambers on Level 4. You may well have seen photographs already of our progress in uncovering the bedrock […]
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Heritage Open Days 2016

The Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels will be taking part in 2016 Heritage Open Days, once again opening our Paddington site for free tours. Why not book yourself in and see for yourself what we have been busy doing for the last 4 years. See the amazing, deep subterranean chambers carved out of the Sandstone Bedrock […]
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Celebrating Skip 150 and Level 4 progress

This week, we took delivery of our 150th skip. This amazing milestone has been achieved since Nov 2012, we estimate removing approximately 1,200 Tons of mixed infill from the deep chambers of Paddington during this time. Of course if you follow us regularly, you will also see that every last one of these skips have […]
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An Interesting Little Fellow found…

An unusual little Artefact has been discovered during this weeks activities in Paddington’s Level 4. This little fellow who is not much larger than a 20p coin was found deep down in the many tonnes of ash. He looks like a dog, is of solid construction and made from a hard rough feeling porcelain (like) material. Could it be a Childs toy? It […]
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See you later Steve…

Joe Wareing, a very talented artist and longstanding member of FoWT, has drawn this wonderful and very fitting tribute to our dear friend and colleague Steve Moran… Enjoy…


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