Help, Support & Sponsors

The Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels have received many offers of Help and Support including in some instances donations from organisations and individuals alike. For this we are very grateful and wish to thank each and every Individual, Organisation and Company that has helped us with any funding, donations or services, no matter how small.

Although we would love to do so, we cannot list everyone here that has donated money or services or given us assistance in any way.

However we would like to thank the following people and Organisations for their help and Support.


List of Organisations, who have given their help, Support or Sponsorship over the years…

Company LogoNameWeb Site
Liverpool City Council
JB Fabrication
Proton Partners
Glyn Nuttall
Liverpool Organic
West Derby Wastelands
Acer Engineering Ltd
Morgan Sindall
Cheshire Scaffolds
The Very
Celtic Fire


List of Individuals, who have given their help, Support or Sponsorship over the years…

NameNotes or Address
Alan MinetteMetal Work: Manufactured the Landing and Stairs at Paddington
Keith EvansElectrician: Wired the lower Level's 3 & 4 at Paddington as well as carrying out repairs.
Bob ParryJoiner: Manufactured the bench at Paddington, in memory of Steve Moran
Peter GethinCarried out many Soil Samples and tested the water in Level 4
Dr Nick Webb
Architect BA(Hons) MArch PhD
carried out 3D Laser scanning in Paddington, with further plans to complete the House Site too.

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