Visit the Tunnels


Visit the Tunnels

Would you like to visit these amazing, rarely seen sections of tunnels and chambers in the care of the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels? You can book a visit online using Eventbrite below…

Non Members Tours

Visit the amazing four storey Chambers of Paddington. FoWT rediscovered Paddington in 1999 after being sealed and lost for many years. Our volunteers emptied many tonnes of infill from within this Cathedral like space during our four year Big Dig. See Paddington’s deepest chamber which rarely fails to surprise. This Level 4 chamber is 12m/39ft high and 18m/60ft below ground level.

Tours of Paddington last about an hour.

Extended Members Tours

We also offer Extended Members Tours, which in addition to the Paddington Tunnels, you will be taken around the newly excavated basement of Joseph Williamson’s House, with its newly discovered features. Then down into the depths of Joseph’s subterranean world. Visiting the “Wine Bins”, “Sandstone Arch”, “Gash”, the famous “Banqueting Hall” and the new addition to the tour, the “Boiler Room”.

Tours of Williamson’s House Site also last about an hour.

Not a member yet?

Don’t worry, you are very welcome to become a member on the day you visit Paddington, where you can continue on to do the Extended Members Tour. Alternatively you can join on-line on our Membership Page.

All our visits are free of charge.

Whilst our visits are free, we do welcome donations which will enable our team of dedicated volunteers to continue their hard and important work in finding and preserving this important piece of Liverpool’s history.


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Links will take you to the “Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels” Eventbrite Visit Booking pages.

How to find us and Important Notice:

Timings: Please arrive 10 minutes before your booked visit time.

Location: Joseph Williamson’s House site, Mason Street, Edge Hill, Liverpool, L7 3EW.

Joseph Williamson’s House site is the Façade of the old House (Joseph’s House), which is opposite No 39 Mason Street. Behind the Façade is a large area with 3 Blue containers. This is Williamson’s House site and where the Banqueting Hall, Sandstone Arch, Gash and Wine Bins are located.

Important Notice: When visiting The Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels, please do not follow the brown road signs to “Williamson’s Tunnels” these signs will take you to the Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre on Smithdown Lane and not to FoWT.

Both Paddington and Mason Street sites are work in progress sites and not generally open to the public. Therefore please wear sensible, sturdy shoes for safety, no open or high heel shoes please. It is recommended that you do not wear good clothing as there is a possibility you can get a little dirty during your visit. We will supply you with a hard hat for your visit. we may need to decline access if we feel that an individual’s access might involve risk.


If you require further assistance with your booking, you can use this form to contact us.