Williamson’s 3D world

Williamson’s House, Mason Street

FoWT have enjoyed working with Liverpool University, welcoming students from the Liverpool School of architecture to the tunnels, giving a real life scenario for their studies. Their project was to design a visitor centre for the Tunnels on the Mason Street site. You can see the results of the students work here.

Dr Nick Webb of the Liverpool School of Architecture at Liverpool University has additionally been working with us on a second exciting project, to create a 3D interactive model of both our Paddington and Mason Street sites. This complicated procedure, requires the use of an incredible 3D laser scanner which scans the inside of each chamber.

The resulting 3D models show each site, accurately showing each chamber, with their position, scale and size of each chamber relative to each other. You are able to rotate look all around, looking around whole site. Amazing.

We are very grateful for the time and effort that Dr Nick Webb has put into this project for us and to Liverpool University for allowing the use of the equipment to make this possible.

Mason Street