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Going Underground – digging out the Williamson Tunnels

Our Brand New video is online now, take a look and enjoy… Thanks to member Peter of Tradition Films www.traditionfilms.co.uk/

The Long Lost Great Tunnel, Discovered…

Anyone who has been on our tours of the “non-public tunnels”, or those of you who have read further into our web site, will know of the Great Tunnel. The tunnel, under the now-demolished Magnet’s warehouse is located next door to Williamson’s House. It was photographed in the 1880’s by a Mr Mudd. He was […]
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A surprise find on Mason St

In the last few weeks, we have been digging down from ground level near to the hatch that takes us down the long ladder into the Sandstone Arch and Banqueting Hall. We did this for a few reasons, but mainly to find a suspected staircase in the area and to explore the possibility of getting […]
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Mason Street, Latest Progress.

In the last few weeks, we have been rather busy on Mason Street. During our regular digging days we have continued to dig out the Sandstone Arch, which is looking more impressive than it ever has. We are now down to the bedrock floor and it looks so much bigger and expansive. We have also […]
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First dig in the Sandstone Arch.

Progress continues on Joseph Williamson’s House site. Today a small group of volunteers started to dig out the Sandstone Arch, whilst another group constructed a protective cover over the newly discovered steps as protection from the weather. For those of you that have never visited under Williamson’s House site, the Sandstone Arch is at the […]
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Another sad loss: Ian Scott – RIP

We had been saddened to hear of the passing of another of our good friends, Ian Scott. Ian had been a member and hands on volunteer for many years, he passed away on the 17th December 2016 though we didn’t find out till much later. Several FoWT Trustees and volunteers attended his funeral on Wednesday […]
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FoWT featured in Liverpool Echo once again.

We were once again delighted to be featured in the Liverpool Echo (30th Dec 2016), even more so, to see it in such a prominent position – the whole of page 3. The story, covers our new Big Dig 2 on Mason Street which started a few weeks ago following successfully completion of our Big […]
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Mason Street Progress, the new staircase

This week, Work has been underway in the Wine Bins, emptying this interesting chamber of its infill. Digging out the staircase has also continued with much excitement. The staircase is proving rather interesting, as it leads down from the surface, bending around and then down into the Wine Bins. We are delighted with this as […]
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Big Dig 2 – Exciting start at Mason Street…

Following the successful completion of our Paddington Big Dig, we gained permission off Liverpool City Council to commence work on the Williamson’s House site on Mason Street. The start of Big Dig 2 at Mason Street has already started to delight and surprise. We started digging in the Wine Bins and found some very interesting […]
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FoWT were honoured to be represented at the Memorial Service of His Grace, the Duke of Westminster.

On Monday 25th November, Gordon our Chairman, was fortunate to be invited to represent the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels at the Memorial Service of Major General Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor the 6th Duke of Westminster. It was an occasion to be remembered held in the beautiful Cathedral of Chester. It was attended by The Prince of […]
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