Liverpool Echo publicity…(Updated)

We were delighted that once again, the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels were featured by the Liverpool Echo Online. This feature, focused on our ‘Big Dig’ which has been ongoing in our Paddington site over the last 3 years.

We have also announced the extremely good news that, thanks to the continued support of Liverpool City Council we will soon start to focus our digging on the Williamson’s House Site, where the Banqueting Hall and Wine Bins are located. We have waited a long time to be able to dig in these sections, and now the next phase of our ‘Big Dig’ will soon begin.

This will improve access to the tunnel’s sites, digging out as much of the infill in a similar way to how we have worked at Paddington.

We hope that the article will be in print in the main Liverpool Echo newspaper either Sunday 27th or Monday 28th March. So be sure to pick up your copy.

You can view the online version here on the Liverpool Echo web site.

Liverpool Echo Home Page

We were delighted to see this excelent article in the Tues 29th March edition of the Liverpool Echo. We even made the Front Cover, very prominently. Fantastic…

Front Cover – Liverpool Echo 29th March 2016
Main article – Liverpool Echo 29th March 2016

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  1. Front page! Brilliant publicity and let’s hope the house site and all that’s under it is safe from developers.

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