Members Visits 2016

Our regular Members visits are coming up fast. As a member you get to come and see all the tunnel’s under our care. So in addition to our Paddington site, you can also visit the famous Banqueting Hall with its wonderful Sandstone Arch and Gothic arch and also the Wine Bins, with its fantastic Elliptical arch and Bishops Mitre arch.

You must be a member to take part in the full member’s tour. For membership details and to join on line see here.

So why not join us, come for a tour under the guidance of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, while at the same time helping to support this fascinating piece of Liverpool’s heritage.

The 2016 members visits are:

April: 9th & 10th & 23rd & 24th
September: 17th & 18th & 24th & 25th

To book your slot, either telephone us on 07906 935 769 (leave a message with your name & phone No. and if possible an e-mail address) or e-mail us on:

Members Visits 2016

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