Further Progress in Paddington…

Skip 142 not quite filled today, but we have continue to level off in the ash Chamber today. We have also started to dig in the Gypsum Chamber too now, so today we digging ash/coke. Wow, it’s a pleasure to dig this stuff, its light, you can fill the buckets so you we can get more material out and in to the skip than the sand and sandstone in the ash chamber. We suspect that the depth of the Gypsum chamber is not as far down as in the ash chamber. We have probed down in a few spots and think we may have hit bedrock. Somewhere between 4 and 6 feet down. Digging in this area will also see the need for the current temporary staircase to be replace too.

Chipping away at the coke/ash in Gypsum Chamber
Exploratory dig in the Gypsum Chamber to find the floor. Not quite there yet …

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