Big History Weekend, St George’s Hall

This Saturday and Sunday, 9th & 10th April, saw FoWT attend the Big History Event, which is a fantastic free event held in the St George’s Hall. We had a great couple of days, meeting a lot of very interesting and likeminded people, most just like ourselves volunteers in their particular field.

We welcomed quite a few new members, all fascinated by the story and spectacle of the Williamson’s Tunnels. We look forward to showing you all around during our next members visit weekend.

This weekend also saw our first of our member’s visits, where we give our members the full tour of our tunnels sites that are not open to the public. This includes the Banqueting Hall and the Wine Bins, in addition to the Paddington site so we have had a very busy weekend.

If you fancy taking part in our 2016 members visits to see the Banqueting Hall, Wine Bins and Paddington you can join here.


Our Stall, set up and Ready to welcome the everyone…


Les, talking tunnels…

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