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Williamson’s Tunnels reach Australia…

The full Chanel 7 News Video is here for you to watch. Or you can view the full Channel 7 News Sydney Facebook post Or you can view the full Channel 7 News Melboure Facebook post We were delighted to be contacted by Laurel Irving, Europe Correspondent for Channel 7 News Australia with a request to […]
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Going Underground – digging out the Williamson Tunnels

Our Brand New video is online now, take a look and enjoy… Thanks to member Peter of Tradition Films www.traditionfilms.co.uk/

The Long Lost Great Tunnel, Discovered…

Anyone who has been on our tours of the “non-public tunnels”, or those of you who have read further into our web site, will know of the Great Tunnel. The tunnel, under the now-demolished Magnet’s warehouse is located next door to Williamson’s House. It was photographed in the 1880’s by a Mr Mudd. He was […]
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See you later Steve…

Joe Wareing, a very talented artist and longstanding member of FoWT, has drawn this wonderful and very fitting tribute to our dear friend and colleague Steve Moran… Enjoy…

Big History Weekend, St George’s Hall

This Saturday and Sunday, 9th & 10th April, saw FoWT attend the Big History Event, which is a fantastic free event held in the St George’s Hall. We had a great couple of days, meeting a lot of very interesting and likeminded people, most just like ourselves volunteers in their particular field. We welcomed quite a […]
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New map shows extent of the Tunnels…

The questions we have been most often asked over the years are, “where are the Tunnels?”, “how far do they go?” or “is there a map of the tunnels?” To our knowledge Joseph Williamson never created maps of his underground kingdom, or at least if he did create a map of his tunnels, it has […]
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