Williamson’s Tunnels reach Australia…

The full Chanel 7 News Video is here for you to watch.

Or you can view the full Channel 7 News Sydney Facebook post

Or you can view the full Channel 7 News Melboure Facebook post

Rex being filmed excavating Williamson’s Bay Window.

We were delighted to be contacted by Laurel Irving, Europe Correspondent for Channel 7 News Australia with a request to visit FoWT and run a story about Williamson and the Tunnels.

Well a few weeks ago, Laurel and Photographer, Charlie came to Williamson’s house site and spent the day with us. As ever, they were amazed by what they saw, not expecting to see such amazing Subterranean structures at Paddington and on Mason Street.

It is always very interesting watching a film crew at work and Laurel and Charlie were no exception.

This excellent short video went out on the 6pm News throughout Australia on Saturday 30th June 2018.

Deep in the Banqueting Hall, hauling the buckets up.
Filming down in the New Tunnel.
Laurel and Charlie filming in Paddington.

Channel 7 News Sydney. Their Twitter post.

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