A new Journey of a Bucket


Several years ago, we made our Journey of a Bucket video. In it, we filmed the progress of one of our hundreds of buckets, from being filled down in the depths of Paddington’s Level 4 through its journey to the skip.

We decided to do a similar video but this time in the Subterranean chambers of Joseph Williamson’s House. This time, we filmed how we are currently getting our buckets of infill out from the Magnet Chamber, into the Banqueting Hall and then up to the surface.

You can watch both the original and new Journey of a Bucket video’s here.

We hope you enjoyed both of these videos, you can see even more of our videos on the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels YouTube Channel



Under Grads go Underground!


We were delighted when Dr Kerry Traynor asked us to assist  Final Year Media students from the Department of Communication and Media, University of Liverpool . Of course we were most happy to oblige. The student’s were split into 6 groups, each group would make a seperate video about the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels and of course the Tunnels.

So after lots of planning, the students visited and filmed within the Tunnels and interviewed several of the volunteers.

Then, off the students went to work their magic, and work their magic they did! I think you will agree that the students did a absolutely fantastic job of portraying the Tunnels and the work that FoWT have done over the years.

FoWT, wish to thank Kerry and all the students, for producing these FAB videos.

You can watch all 6 video’s here.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

You can have a look at the Media Pool YouTube Channel to see the work done by the students.

YouTuber Martin Zero visits us

Trustee Lynn, contacted Manchester based Explorer and video maker Martin Zero inviting him to visit the Williamson’s Tunnels. Martin has a YouTube Channel with over 41k subscribers to his channel.

Mike Rogers, FoWT Guide, took Martin and Connor on a full tour of both Paddington and the Williamson’s House site on Mason Street. During his vist, he filmed and interviewed Mike for his YouTube channel. Martin was amazed by what he saw, we hope he will visit us again one day.

You can watch Martin’s two part video here:

Part 1


Part 2

Or you can Find Martin Zero’s YouTube Channel here, where there are lots of very interesting video’s of interesting explores, including the two new videos of the Williamson’s Tunnels.

New Tunnel update…

You will no doubt have read that we recently discovered a new rock cut tunnel within the Banqueting Hall. This small tunnel leads from the trench in the Banqueting Hall floor, through the bedrock wall and into yet another chamber. We have long suspected that there could be another chamber or passage alongside the Banqueting Hall. So the discovery of this was very exciting indeed. Joseph Williamson’s long lost subterranean World continues giving up its secrets.

The rock cut tunnel is around 3ft deep, extending into the bedrock wall of the Banqueting Hall. We have managed to get just inside this chamber, though we were initially asked not to dig the infill out from within the chamber until it was established that the brick built arched roof was complete and of course safe. We are delighted to report that we have completed the required method statement and risk assessments to enable us to dig out the infill in a safe and controlled manner so that the arched roof can be examined for safety. Once we know that the roof is complete and safe, we will of course aim to empty the chamber.

However, first impression suggests that the arch is intact and safe. We sent a GoPro camera up to the top of the roof on a long pole to get a good look at the roof and to our surprise, there is yet another nice sandstone arched tunnel as can be seen in the video.

So where might this arch take us? Well we would like to think it will take us to the long lost Great Tunnel. It is possible, given this chamber’s depth of approximately 37ft below ground level. Time will tell…

It will take us quite a while to empty the infill from inside, giving us full access to the chamber. Though we will of course update you with news on this dig as and when we have it. So stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook and of course right here for updates.

Williamson’s Tunnels reach Australia…

The full Chanel 7 News Video is here for you to watch.

Or you can view the full Channel 7 News Sydney Facebook post

Or you can view the full Channel 7 News Melboure Facebook post

Rex being filmed excavating Williamson’s Bay Window.

We were delighted to be contacted by Laurel Irving, Europe Correspondent for Channel 7 News Australia with a request to visit FoWT and run a story about Williamson and the Tunnels.

Well a few weeks ago, Laurel and Photographer, Charlie came to Williamson’s house site and spent the day with us. As ever, they were amazed by what they saw, not expecting to see such amazing Subterranean structures at Paddington and on Mason Street.

It is always very interesting watching a film crew at work and Laurel and Charlie were no exception.

This excellent short video went out on the 6pm News throughout Australia on Saturday 30th June 2018.

Deep in the Banqueting Hall, hauling the buckets up.

Filming down in the New Tunnel.

Laurel and Charlie filming in Paddington.

Channel 7 News Sydney. Their Twitter post.