YouTuber Martin Zero visits us

Trustee Lynn, contacted Manchester based Explorer and video maker Martin Zero inviting him to visit the Williamson’s Tunnels. Martin has a YouTube Channel with over 41k subscribers to his channel.

Mike Rogers, FoWT Guide, took Martin and Connor on a full tour of both Paddington and the Williamson’s House site on Mason Street. During his vist, he filmed and interviewed Mike for his YouTube channel. Martin was amazed by what he saw, we hope he will visit us again one day.

You can watch Martin’s two part video here:

Part 1


Part 2

Or you can Find Martin Zero’s YouTube Channel here, where there are lots of very interesting video’s of interesting explores, including the two new videos of the Williamson’s Tunnels.


  1. Thanks guys it was an absolute privilege to visit the Tunnels. You have something very amazing and I salute all the volunteers hard work

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