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Progress has continued well on Level 4 in the last few weeks. So much so, that we have had to redesign the staircase from Level 3, down into Level 4. This is so we can continue digging deeper in the Gypsum Chamber.

From the start of excavating the infill from the Gypsum Chamber, this area has proved to be very rich in finds. In the last few weeks this has continued to be the case, there is a find uncovered in nearly every inch of the black ash. It is amazing and very exciting to watch the diggers as they progress. They often have to use gardening trowels and other small tools in the removal of the ash. Of course, many of these finds are fragments of long broken items, however, we do find the most amazing pieces that are either complete or near complete coming out, which is unbelievable given the age of these pieces and the fact that that they have been buried under many tones of infill for, in excess of 100 years.

We have now added an artefact page and gallery to the site, here you will find photographs of the many and varied finds that we have found at Paddington over the years. This page will grow as more of the artefacts get photographed. Check out the artefacts, here.

Sunflower Inkwell
A Rare Soyer’s bottle
Front of 1871 Gold Sovereign

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