Onwards and downwards…

Our team of volunteers have continued to beaver away under the streets of Edge Hill, deep down in our Paddington site. The water still flows into the chamber as we continue to pump it out at quite a rate. We have also had to modify our staircase from Level 3 down into Level 4 over the last few weeks too, this is so that we can continue to dig out the infill in this area. The stairs are done, and we continue getting deeper into the Gypsum chamber. We have hit the bedrock floor in this area at the very end, though it seems that the floor in this area slopes down towards the Ash chamber where we exposed the bedrock floor some while ago and the water collects at the deepest point. Onwards and downwards…

We have a very exciting day coming up in the next few weeks. Unfortunately we can’t release details just yet, however we have a very important person planning to come to visit us for a tour of the Williamson’s Tunnels. Stay tuned to find out more…

Have you visited our new Artefact’s page yet?


The statue of Williamson amongst a variety of finds


Three bottles, one complete with baby feeding teat


Three Ginger jars, complete except for their lids.


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