Progress in the Gypsum Chamber…

We have had a busy few weeks, both in Paddington and around the corner on our Mason Street site too. This tidying has included a long needed spring clean of both sites, a tidy of the office as well as the Mason Street yard. We also had a long overdue tidy of the Paddington Site too. I hope to be able to give you more details on this very soon.

Well, today we resumed normal digging in the Gypsum Chamber on Level 4, we have started once again finding artefacts in this section. Though more importantly we have unveiled a very large Sandstone Bedrock ledge at the far end of the Chamber. This has carved on 3 of its sides a deep trench, but strangely at the front of the ledge, there is a big drop down. We have probed down at this point with a long metal rod and have been down approximately 7 feet, hitting what could be the floor.

A few of our Volunteers in the Gypsum Chamber.

You can see in the two photos below, the sudden drop at the front, with it’s trenches either side quite clearly. However if you look closely on the left you will see a definite carved line the length of the ledge, was this a marker for cutting this Sandstone further? In fact it looks as though they actually started to trim the block and then stopped.

The Large sandstone Bedrock at the end of the Gypsum Chamber.
Close up of the Bedrock, note the carved cut line that was never finished or removed…

The large Sandstone Blocks sitting on the ledge, are what we call Random rocks, this being because they were found in different places at different depths. However as we have dug down, we have lowered them down till they are now on the base. Some of these very large and very heavy Blocks look as though they have been carved deliberately too.

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