Ciara Owens performs a feast for the ears in the Banqueting Hall

Ciara playing Banjo in the Banqueting Hall (Photo: Kate Larmer)

Ciara hits the heights in the depths of the Williamson’s Tunnels, playing the Banjo in the Banqueting Hall.

University student Ellen McGovern approached FoWT for help with her project. This project involved the recording of live unplugged music in weird and wonderful places. One of those locations used was in the Banqueting Hall under Williamson’s house on Mason Street.

The wonderful sound of the banjo, played by the talented Ciara sounded fantastic, echoing in the grand space of the Banqueting Hall. It is planned that a CD of these recordings will be released in the future. If you would like to know more about this project you will find more information at the Liverpool Irish Centre web site.

you can watch and listen to Ciara perform her Spotted Dog Set in the Banqueting Hall on YouTube.

Photographs of Ciara and the team during the recording in the Banqueting Hall. (Photos: Kyle May)


  1. Wonderful accoustics and a talented lady. The banqueting hall could well be a future source of income for FOWT as a recording studio.

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