Many Thanks Cheshire Scaffolds Ltd and George Roberts Ltd once again

We wish to once again thank Cheshire Scaffolds Ltd and George Roberts Ltd for their continued support.

While the Tunnels are closed to both visitors and exploration, we have a few members on site keeping an eye on the security and ongoing maintenance of the tunnels. One of the jobs that has needed to be done, is the replacement of various wooden walk & kick boards down in Level 4. The problem is of course that timber does not last in the damp atmosphere of Paddington and must be periodically replaced. We asked our friends at Cheshire Scaffolds could they help, and they came up trumps. instead of further wooden scaffold planks, we have been given quite a few secondhand non-rot composite boards. Absolutely ideal!

Ken Hannah, director of Cheshire Scaffolds approached their suppliers George Roberts Ltd, who thankfully had these boards in stock. It was arranged by Paul Crowe for the Boards to be delivered to us. You may remember that it was Cheshire Scaffolds that supplied and built our staircase down into Level 4.

pictures: Lynn Mills

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