Mason Street, Latest Progress.

In the last few weeks, we have been rather busy on Mason Street. During our regular digging days we have continued to dig out the Sandstone Arch, which is looking more impressive than it ever has. We are now down to the bedrock floor and it looks so much bigger and expansive.

The floor of the Sandstone Arch…
The view down off the ladder into the Sandstone Arch, showing the newly uncovered sandstone and tile floor.
The top of the Gash, access to the Banqueting Hall. Before we dug this out this passage to the bedrock floor, you had to duck down low. Now however, it is possible to walk upright into the Gash.

We have also continued to dig out the chambers behind the Wine Bins too. This has proved to be rather exciting, when we found a lovely wide staircase a couple of weeks ago.

The newly discovered staircase…

Though the staircase is unfortunately a little damaged, it is still a very impressive staircase. It is posible to look through a hole in one the steps, where you can see down into the Banqueting Hall, that’s a view we have never seen before.

The view looking down through the Staircase, down into the Banqueting Hall.

Then this week we uncovered a large impressive Fireplace, just nearby the stone staircase. Strangely, inside the fireplace we have been finding lots of artefacts ranging from bottles, jars to clay pipes.

The new Fireplace, this has proved to be very rich in new artefact finds.

We also had a dig on the former Magnet’s land next door, with the permission from Liverpool City Council. We had a JCB on site, and dug down behind the Sandstone Arch. The idea of this was to enable us to find and access the famous Great Tunnel. Although we have more to do, we did successfully get down as far as the Sandstone Arch.

This view is from the bottom of the new trench on the magnets site, looking into the Sandstone Arch with Tom and Andy inside.


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