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Amazing 360° Images of Paddington

We were delighted to welcome Adrian Little, a 360° Google Street View Photographer to Paddington. Adrian has captured an amazing set of 360° Virtual Reality images of Paddington, which allow you to look all around you from every angle throughout the chambers of Paddington. You can see more of Adrian’s work at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1753760158224955/ Level 1 platform […]
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Another sad loss: Ian Scott – RIP

We had been saddened to hear of the passing of another of our good friends, Ian Scott. Ian had been a member and hands on volunteer for many years, he passed away on the 17th December 2016 though we didn’t find out till much later. Several FoWT Trustees and volunteers attended his funeral on Wednesday […]
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Mole 30 Newsletter

The new official Newsletter of the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels, the “Mole” issue 30 has been printed and is being prepared to be sent out to all members. You will either receive your mole in Black and White in the post or for newer online members or members that requested the colour version, you will […]
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