Amazing 360° Images of Paddington

We were delighted to welcome Adrian Little, a 360° Google Street View Photographer to Paddington. Adrian has captured an amazing set of 360° Virtual Reality images of Paddington, which allow you to look all around you from every angle throughout the chambers of Paddington.

You can see more of Adrian’s work at:

Level 1 platform

Mile Long Tunnel

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

7 thoughts on “Amazing 360° Images of Paddington

    • Thank you. I think Adrian was using a Canon SLR to do these images. Contact him directly on his Facebook page, sure he would be delighted to hear from you. Chris

    • Hi Martin. Glad you like them, they are great aren’t they. Mind it’s still not as good a seeing it with your own eyes is it? Haha, the skulls are members that never renewed their memberships… Only kidding, they are left over props from when the tunnels were used as a set for an Edgar Allan Poe film, ‘The Cask’ they are only plaster of paris. You should make a return visit when you can to see our progress. Chris ☺️

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