Dan Snow pays us a visit…

We were delighted to welcome Historian and TV Presenter, Dan Snow to the Williamson’s Tunnels on Tuesday 21st Feb 2017. Dan was one of the many TV stars and celebrities attending the BBC Worldwide Showcase at the Liverpool Echo Arena and Conference Centre.

Dan contacted us, wanting to combine his visit to Liverpool with a trip down the tunnels. Trustee and Guide Tom, gave Dan a tour of all the Non-Public tunnels that are accessible today. These tunnels being the Wine Bins, Sandstone Arch, Gash and Banqueting Hall at Williamson’s House site. They then went around the corner to the jewel in the Williamson crown that is Paddington, due to its cathedral like chambers on Level 4. During the visit, Dan recorded a Podcast for his History Hit Website. So keep an eye out for this being released.

We were thrilled that Dan enjoyed his visit, so much so that he has expressed an interest in making a return visit to follow the progress of our Big Dig on Williamson’s House Site.

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Dan and Tom in the Wine Bins.
Dan, Tom and Gordon in the Wine Bins looking through from the Fireplace Chamber.
Dan in the Gash, about to emerge into the Banqueting Hall…
Level 2, in Paddington.
Dan and Tom in Level 4 – 18m (60ft) below ground level…

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