360° Virtual Tour of the tunnels

We often get asked by people who can not visit the tunnels themselves, “Do you have a virtual tour of the Tunnels?” Although we have never had a virtual tour, we regularly publish lots of still photographs on our web site, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

However, this is about to change. We are pleased to announce that work has started on creating a series of interactive, online 360° photographs. Trustee Chris has started creating a series of 360° Virtual Reality views of the Tunnels. So far, only a few have been completed, but the aim is to create 360° images of all sections of tunnels, giving as many views of our chambers as possible, for all to see.

With these images, you can scroll around, up and down, viewing each chamber in any direction you wish. Of course, most people that have visited before, would agree that even these 360° views are still no match to actually seeing the chambers with your own eyes. but if you are not in a position to visit, for whatever reason, hopefully they will be the next best thing.

We do hope you enjoy these VR images of FoWT’s Tunnel network. Pop back to this post periodically for updates as we update it with new 360° views as they get done.

Joseph Williamson’s house site, Mason Street

Wine Bins

This view is from just inside the entrance to the Wine Bins, with the lovely elliptical arch clearly visible.
This view is from the steps underneath the Bishops Mitre arch, looking over the wall into the cistern chamber and back towards the entrance.

Sandstone Arch & Gash

The Top of the Gash, leading down from the Sandstone Arch, continuing down the Gash into the bowls of the Banqueting Hall.
A view looking back towards the Sandstone Arch and down into the entrance of the Gash, which leads down further into the Banqueting Hall

Banqueting Hall

This is a view inside the Banqueting Hall, with the main chamber at one end, the trench visible and the Gash slopping down into the trench.
This view is taken from within the trench, looking up the Gash at one end, then around to show the Rock Cut arch cut into the wall of the Banqueting Hall. This we think will lead us into the Great Tunnel in the future.

New Chamber, along side the Banqueting Hall

This view is taken from the bottom of the trench, and within the small Rock Cut Tunnel entrance. with view bak into the Banqueting hall and the New Chamber.
This view is taken from the New Chamber, showing the entrance down below and the nice Stone Arch wich is now quite high up
This view is taken from within the New Chamber where work is currently being undertaken.

Paddington Site

This view is taken from within the Boote Chamber in Level 3 Paddington, Williamson’s Classic Arch Shapes nicely visible.
This view is taken from within Level 3 Paddington, The arch where the amazing view down into Level 4 can be seen is on the left.
This view is taken from within Level 3 Paddington, This view looks around Level 3, and down into the Cathedral Like Chamber of Level 4.
This view is taken from the bottom of our new staircase that allows access from Level 3 down into Level 4 of Paddington.
The view within the amazing Level 4 Paddington, some 60ft below gound level.
The view within the amazing Level 4 Paddington, some 60ft below gound level.

You can also view these same 360° images on Kuula or Flickr

Please note: To view this 360° content, click on the image. It is possible that these 360° images may not work in all Web browsers, such as Chrome on Android. If you do receive the error “Failed to load the VR scene” (or similar) when trying to view the images, try using a different Web browser.

Amazing 360° Images of Paddington

We were delighted to welcome Adrian Little, a 360° Google Street View Photographer to Paddington. Adrian has captured an amazing set of 360° Virtual Reality images of Paddington, which allow you to look all around you from every angle throughout the chambers of Paddington.

You can see more of Adrian’s work at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1753760158224955/

Level 1 platform

Mile Long Tunnel

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Amazing 3D Scans of Paddington…

For many years, the Friends have wanted to produce a 3D laser scan of the tunnels. The process of scanning a space using this technology, provides a way of accurately measuring and detailing the shape and features of any internal space. It allows the relationship of Paddington’s 4 different Levels to be seen accurately together. The finished result will put the viewer within a virtual reality of Paddington. We hope that a virtual fly though of the tunnels could be made from these scans in the future too.

We were delighted to be contacted by Dr Nick Webb from the Liverpool School of Architecture. He wanted to explore the possibility of mapping the tunnels using this 3D laser scanning technology, of course we were thrilled to oblige.

These images are the first three renders of scans done so far showing the depth of Paddington. It is planned to scan the rest of the Tunnel system in stages, we look forward to continuing to work with Dr Webb on this project.

This first image shows Paddington from end on. The Arches in Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 are clearly visible, as is the amazing 12 meter depth of Level 4. © Dr Nick Webb at the Liverpool School of Architecture


This image shows the Arches in Paddington. © Dr Nick Webb at the Liverpool School of Architecture


This image shows the shape of Paddington well including its Arches. The difference in depth between Levels 3 and 4 can once again be seen clearly. © Dr Nick Webb at the Liverpool School of Architecture