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360° Virtual Tour of the tunnels

We often get asked by people who can not visit the tunnels themselves, “Do you have a virtual tour of the Tunnels?” Although we have never had a virtual tour, we regularly publish lots of still photographs on our web site, Twitter and Facebook accounts. However, this is about to change. We are pleased to announce that […]
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Amazing 360° Images of Paddington

We were delighted to welcome Adrian Little, a 360° Google Street View Photographer to Paddington. Adrian has captured an amazing set of 360° Virtual Reality images of Paddington, which allow you to look all around you from every angle throughout the chambers of Paddington. You can see more of Adrian’s work at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1753760158224955/ Level 1 platform […]
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Amazing 3D Scans of Paddington…

For many years, the Friends have wanted to produce a 3D laser scan of the tunnels. The process of scanning a space using this technology, provides a way of accurately measuring and detailing the shape and features of any internal space. It allows the relationship of Paddington’s 4 different Levels to be seen accurately together. […]
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