Amazing 3D Scans of Paddington…

For many years, the Friends have wanted to produce a 3D laser scan of the tunnels. The process of scanning a space using this technology, provides a way of accurately measuring and detailing the shape and features of any internal space. It allows the relationship of Paddington’s 4 different Levels to be seen accurately together. The finished result will put the viewer within a virtual reality of Paddington. We hope that a virtual fly though of the tunnels could be made from these scans in the future too.

We were delighted to be contacted by Dr Nick Webb from the Liverpool School of Architecture. He wanted to explore the possibility of mapping the tunnels using this 3D laser scanning technology, of course we were thrilled to oblige.

These images are the first three renders of scans done so far showing the depth of Paddington. It is planned to scan the rest of the Tunnel system in stages, we look forward to continuing to work with Dr Webb on this project.

This first image shows Paddington from end on. The Arches in Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 are clearly visible, as is the amazing 12 meter depth of Level 4. © Dr Nick Webb at the Liverpool School of Architecture


This image shows the Arches in Paddington. © Dr Nick Webb at the Liverpool School of Architecture


This image shows the shape of Paddington well including its Arches. The difference in depth between Levels 3 and 4 can once again be seen clearly. © Dr Nick Webb at the Liverpool School of Architecture

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