Freddy O’Connor

We were greatly saddened to learn this week that ex-FoWT trustee and popular local history author Freddy O’Connor had passed away after a period of illness.  Freddy was one of the original group who established Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels in 1996. He was a steadfast and dedicated member of the FoWT committee, taking part in the many hundreds of meetings and events which filled our first ten years and helped secure the tunnels’ survival in often challenging circumstances.

Freddy O’Connor (centre), with early members of the FoWT committee in Williamson’s house in early 1997.  (L-R:  Frank Hodges, a guest, Steve Moran, John McKeown, Freddy O’Connor, Frederika Whitehead, Richard Moran, Bill Douglas)

Away from the tunnels, Freddy was best known for his popular series of books ‘A Pub on Every Corner’, which vividly recorded so many of the old drinking houses of Liverpool. Another of his titles – ‘Our City, Our Heritage’ – painted a riveting picture of the the old city’s streets and housing.

We will miss our old friend and we extend our sincere sympathies to his family.

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