Joseph Williamson and the Tunnels feature in New Doctor Who series

Doctor Who fans will be excited as the new series of Doctor Who, staring Jodie Whittaker and Liverpool’s own John Bishop draws near. Williamson’s Tunnels fans will also be interested in this forthcoming new series, as the Writers of this latest Series 13 have very interestingly written Joseph Williamson and his Tunnels into the story.

Sadly no actual filming within the real Williamson’s Tunnels tunnels took place though. Doctor Who: Flux, titled ‘The Halloween Apocalypse’ features the actor, Steve Oram as our very own Joseph Williamson.

Beware, it seems the creature, “Karvanista” is down in Joseph Williamson’s subterranean world…

To watch this exciting new series of Doctor Who, tune into BBC One at 6:25pm on Sunday 31st October 2021.

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You will find more information on the forthcoming series on the Radio Times web site and the Cultbox news website.

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