‘Who’ knew there would be this much publicity…

FoWT feature in BBC’s North West Tonight

You may have already read the news about the new TV series, Doctor Who. We were amazed to find out that the BBC had written the story of Joseph Williamson and his Tunnels into the latest Doctor Who series ‘Flux’. This is great news, as the series has built up a huge following of fans throughout the world.

Since Doctor Who ‘Flux’ started, interest in the Tunnels has boomed with a large increase of hits to our web site and social media. So much so we have been contacted by media wishing to cover the Williamson’s Tunnels and Doctor Who. This has resulted in FoWT and the Williamson’s Tunnels being featured in the ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper, ‘BBC Radio Merseyside’, ‘Talk Sport’ Radio and last but not least, BBC’s ‘North West Tonight’.

Here is a chance to read, watch, and listen to this recent publicity.

Daily Mail

The full page article, featuring the Williamson’s Tunnels, and FoWT in the new Doctor Who series.

Daily Mail

BBC North West Tonight

Phil Cunliffe joined Tom and Lynn at Paddington for a look around for BBC North West Tonight

BBC Northwest Tonight featuring FoWT’s own Tom and Lynn

BBC Radio Merseyside 15th November 2021

Tony Snell headed up to Edge Hill, to meet Tom in the Tunnels for this interview.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0b09lv1 Starts about 2 hours 16 minutes in

Talk Sport Radio 22nd November 2021

Tom, joined Paul Ross on his Talk Sport Radio station show early in the morning.

https://talkradio.co.uk/radio/listen-again/1637542800# Segment 3.30am to 4.00am about 7 minutes in

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  1. Wow that is amazing, we were DrWho fans from way back. Looking forward to watching that if we can get it over here in Australia

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