FoWT featured in Liverpool Echo, Celebrating the end of our Big-Dig…

We are delighted that once again, we are featured in the Liverpool Echo to celebrate the end of our Big Dig at Paddington.

Four years ago on the 18th November 2012, we started digging out Paddington, which was considered quite an intimate space. With passages that had to be explored on your hands and knees, crawling and squeezing between the brick arch roof and the infill at its lower levels. Forward 4 years, that once intimate space has changed beyond recognition.

We have finally finished excavating the 1500 tons of mixed infill from the depths, reaching the sandstone floor that is now almost 18m or 60ft down from the surface level. The Ash Chamber, is almost cathedral like in its dimensions, being almost 12m or 39ft from floor to arch roof. If you have been following our progress, you will know that this 1500 tons has been removed completely by hand using shovels & buckets by our team of volunteers.

We will be having a special celebration and ceremonial finishing of our Big Dig at Paddington on Sunday 20th November when the very last bucket of infill will be removed from Paddington. This last bucket will be removed by family members of Steve Moran and Frank Hodges in their memory. Both Steve and Frank were founder members and trustees of FoWT who sadly passed away just before we finished our mammoth task.

Look out for further updates on our Facebook page and here soon.

Be sure to get your Liverpool Echo on Sunday 20th Nov…

Online Article featuring FoWT celebrating the end of our Big Dig…

FoWT featured on page 3 of the Liverpool Echo (Sunday 20th Nov 2016)

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