The end of our Big Dig…

This last week has been quite a week for us, on Wednesday we finished filling skip 159 with infill from the final chamber to be emptied. Though we have left a couple of buckets full of quarry waste in the corner, which is for the final digging day celebration being planned.

The planned celebration and ceremonial finishing of the ‘Big Dig’ at Paddington, will take place on Sunday 20th November, when the very last bucket of infill will be removed. The date has been chosen as it is the nearest Sunday to the 4 year anniversary when our ‘Big Dig’ began on the 18th Nov 2012.

As you know, this project has been a labour of love for each of our fantastic team of volunteers. We are absolutely delighted to have achieved this momentous task. Though, strangely we do find it quite sad that we have come to the end of this wonderfully exciting project.

However, plans are in place for us to begin what we call Paddington phase 2. More importantly, we will be transferring our digging team down the road to Mason Street, to Williamson’s House site. This follows negotiations with Liverpool City Council to obtain a licence that will enable us to start digging under Joseph Williamson’s House site, emptying the Banqueting Hall and Wine Bins. Hopefully this will also lead to the rediscovery of suspected tunnels and being able to access other known tunnels in the area.

The end of one era, but the start of yet another exciting era of exploration and discoveries…

The Ash Chamber, the last of the sections in Paddington to be emptied. The shape af the Bedrock floor is clearly visible, with the large ledge at the end of the chamber.
Looking down onto the bare Bedrock floor, from the large stone ledge at the end of the Chamber.


  1. Is it open house on the 20th, or just for members? It would be wonderful to see what you all have accomplished with all your hard work over the last 4 years.

    Kevin Jones

    ⁣KC ​

    • Hi, i am afraid it is not open house sorry. We do welcome anyone that has volunteered in anyway during the last 4 years. Please do feel free to e-mail us though and visit on another day. Many Thanks, Chris

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