Photographs of the now empty Ash Chamber…

As you may have read in last week’s update, the Ash chamber is now completely empty. So that leaves only one final chamber to go. Once this last section which we call the Gypsum Chamber is empty too, Paddington will be completely empty. This final milestone of a completely empty Paddington could be a matter of weeks away.

Getting this far represents a major achievement for FoWT and all our hard working diggers, who give up their time each week. Emptying the ash chamber and knowing that we are weeks away from an empty Paddington gives us all a great sense of pride. I’d like to think Mr Williamson would be proud of us too.

We are delighted that once again it is planned that we will be featured in the Liverpool Echo in the next day or two, be sure to pick up your copy…

The following photographs show this amazing cathedral like chamber as it is now, empty.

Volunteers in the now empty Ash Chamber
The Ash Chamber with it’s unfinished floor
Ash Chamber
A few volunteers in the Ash Chamber, looking down the dizzying heights from Level 2

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  1. I have really enjoy following the progress of this tunnel. Would love to visit.. It just a little to far away!

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