Comparison of Photographs, showing Level 4 progress…

These three images were all taken in the Ash Chamber. They show three stages of our progress, emptying this deep chamber completely by hand. Before we started to empty this section, it was possible to touch the brick roof. In fact when we had visitors to Paddington, we always suggested that they to do just that, as one day in the future it would not be possible to do so again. Well as you can now see, it is definitely not now possible to touch the brick roof. This has been a labour of love for all the volunteers that have worked hard on this project.

The date of each stage is shown underneath each photograph.

In the top photograph, work has started to empty the Ash Chamber. The top of a previously unknown arch on the right and has just been discovered.

In the middle picture, the same arch is now fully visible as the chamber increases in depth, getting more impressive each day.

Finally up to date, the bottom picture shows the empty Ash Chamber in all its glory. The Ash Chamber is now almost 12m deep, from its lowest point of the bedrock floor up to the arch roof. A truly incredible space indeed…

Don’t forget that you can come and visit or Paddington Site including the large cathedral like Ash Chamber for yourself during the Heritage Open Days 2016 



  1. What an achievement, and a pat on the back for anybody and everybody involved.

  2. I love this, only heard about it on Radio Lancashire today. An amazing fete , well done guys.

  3. WOW! What progress. Had a tour of tunnels about 4 years ago and been hooked ever since. Wish I lived locally as would love to help dig out. Keep going!

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