Amazing View of Paddington’s Level 4 from above

As work continues on Paddington’s Level 4, we continue to dig and pump the water from its depths twice a week. In 1999 when we first discovered Paddington, it was not possible to walk into this chamber, however now the chamber is 10.5 meters or 34.4 feet deep from the lowest point up to the arched roof. Level 4 has now become almost cathedral like in scale.

If you visited Paddington around 3 years or so ago, before digging commenced on this Level, you may remember being asked to “touch the ceiling as when we start to dig Paddington out, you will no longer be able to do so”. Well there you go, you can no longer touch the ceiling by a long way…

What other surprises will we find in this section I wonder as we continue our dig?

View down from Level 2 into Level 4
View down from Level 2 into Level 4


Level 4 from above
Just some of our diggers in Level 4

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