Paddington dig on Valentine’s Day

We hope that you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day today. There were one or two of our members missing today but we did quite well anyway. We filled Skip 138, which is now ready to be replaced by No 139 in the coming week. However, we discovered that we had a little problem last week when the former Bears Paw Pub had been surrounded by scaffolding. This has reduced the space in the road that has made it impossible for the skip waggon to collect and deliver our skips. However, thanks to our Friends and neighbours at Liberty Park. We have been allowed to remove a piece of the fencing inside their car park, which will allow our skips to be delivered and removed from inside the car park. We thank Liberty Park for allowing this to happen.

We have started to dig out the Gypsum Chamber once again. Amazingly, we think we may have reached the bedrock floor in the corner. This is a surprise as it is somewhat higher than the in the Ash Chamber, which is now 10.5 Meters deep.

We have also continue to remove the water from the Ash Chamber. During the digging out of the sump today, we continue to come across some very large lumps of Sandstone, however some are also nicely shaped carved pieces of rock that clearly had a use before being dumped, not what you would expect to see in quarry waste.

Work continues…

Level 4, Gypsom Chamber. Have we hit the floor? we think so
Gypsom Chamber, Level 4
Llittle Al, digging out in the Gypsom Chamber
An extremely large Sandtone Boulder being removed from the Water

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