Progress in Paddington, Level 4 Comparison Photos

Since we started our big dig of the many tones of mixed rubble, ash and stone from the depths of Paddington, we have now emptied almost 136 skips worth of waste, which is something in the region 1,088 tones all by hand. The whole of the Bottom level, at the bottom of the stone staircase used to be called Level 3, but as we dug deeper and deeper, it became apparent that the far side of this section was now becoming its own new Level 4.

This lower section of Paddington, Level 4, has astounded us all at every stage. These 3 images were taken at these differing stages of progress and show the chamber as its depth increased, becoming almost cathedral like today. Most unlike when we discovered Paddington back in 1999, back then it was impossible to walk into this section at all…


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