First Paddington dig of 2016

Level 4

Today was our first digging day of 2016, and while we didn’t have many volunteers on site today we did some tidying and general housekeeping instead. We were not able to bring any buckets of rubble from down below as the skip was already full. This was because of the Christmas and New Year break, where the skip could not be swapped.

Instead, we brought up quite a lot of the random Sandstone pieces from Level 4 to be stored for now. This sandstone is ideal for rockeries and garden features, should you like any of this sandstone, it is available to anyone who can use it for a donation to our skip fund. By all means drop me an e-mail if you would like any

Level 4 in the Sump

The pumping of the water continued, with the level of the water being dropped by approximately 7 inches in total for the day. Whilst no real digging happened, nothing in the way of artefacts was found. However, whilst making the sump a little deeper, we did come across a piece of shaped and finished sandstone. This sandstone block, which we first thought may have been a gate post or the base of something, however, we now think that it may have been part of a pillar from the interior of a building as the edge facings appeared to be painted. An interesting find, we wonder if this could have come from one of Joseph Williamson’s houses…

Level 4 in the Sump
Could this be part of a pillar or column from one of Williamson’s Buildings?

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