Paddington dig Update & Bears Paw

Work at Paddington continued again today, skip 132 is on site. We have two main jobs on the go in Paddington at present, bringing the usual buckets of infill from deep down in Level 4 up to the skip and additionally, we also have the problem with water. We have dug down to the level where we have met a great deal of water, this could possibly be the water table or simply 150 years or more of water seepage through the sandstone bedrock walls. We have had this water tested and it is safe clean water, and not waste or drain water.

Level 4, showing the water and the dig progress.

Level 4 is now very close to 10 Meters (33 feet) deep, from the arch roof to the current floor. Amazing! We have fixed up a 3 pump system where we are using submersible pumps to pump the water from Level 4 up to Level 3, then to Level 1 and finally up to the surface. It is not a perfect system, but it works.

Volunteer Digger, Rex doing levelling work
This piece of timber is fixed solid, the 2 finds wer found by its base

Not much in the way of finds today, but submersed in the water was a nice piece of hand carved Sandstone, probably part of a wall. In the same area we also found a pair of Gas Pliers, they are in remarkable condition, with no rust and they still work. Strange as they were found under water and within the sand. The question is, were the pliers dropped by one of us, if not what are they doing here?

todays finds, Nice Sandstone block and Gas Pliers?

The Bears Paw

Today is the first weekend after the closure of the Bears Paw Pub. We were saddened to turn up this morning to see the state of the building, empty and boarded up and broken upstairs windows. The end of an era, and another Pub closed.

Sandra, the Manager and staff of the Bears Paw were always very kind to the Friends, we wish everyone the best of luck and thank them for all their help over the years.

The Bears Paw after Closer, Paddington side facing our tunnel entrance
The Bears Paw after closure, notice that Archbishop Blanch school has gone…


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