Previous FoWT monthly meeting: A talk by Chris Leworthy, “Disaster and Bravery at Dieppe- 19th August 1942”

Our next FoWT monthly meeting will take place on Monday 6th March 2023 – 7.00 pm (19.00 hrs) via Zoom.

“Disaster and Bravery at Dieppe- 19th August 1942”, by Chris Leworthy.

Our guest speaker on the night will be Chris Leworthy, who will talk about “Disaster and Bravery at Dieppe- 19th August 1942”

Although the Dieppe raid, Operation Jubilee, has been acknowledged by most as a disaster, it is a fantastic story of bravery in a desperate situation. This will be a 40-45 minute talk, which will be delivered by Zoom The talk will cover:

  • The situation in 1942, leading up to the Operation
  • The objectives – political, operational and intelligence
  • Combined Operations
  • The resources committed – Navy, Airforce and Army
  • The defences
  • What happened – the lead up, the channel crossing, the landings and the withdrawal
  • The failures and any successes
  • The supreme acts of bravery
  • The lessons learned for D Day

After retiring, Chris decided to further his knowledge and develop his interest in Military History, by visiting, reading and, in particular, volunteering at a number of historic sites. After spending some time at the Churchill War Rooms in London, he qualified as a Guide at the Battle of Britain Bunker in Uxbridge, from where the defence of London and the South East was directed in 1940, giving regular lectures to visitors to this historic site.

He is married, with two adult children, and lives in Berkshire. His other activities include dog walking, gardening, rugby watching, theatre and attempting to avoid reading the news.

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You can see the complete list of the years talks on the 2022 Zoom Meetings page.


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