2022 Zoom meetings

FoWT’s monthly meetings for 2022 are now confirmed, with a great talk booked for each one. Hosted on Zoom and open to all – FoWT members and non-members alike – the meetings cover the latest Williamson Tunnels news and include a detailed and entertaining talk from a guest speaker.

Meetings start at 6:00pm, 6:30pm or 7:00pm – the invitation e-mail will confirm.

Members Meetings 2022 - Talks & Presentations
MonthDateName of SpeakerSubject of Talk
January10th January 2022Rob KirbyThe Dambusters
February7th February 2022Marie PasseyRodney Street
March7th March 2022The HarrisonsElizabethan Underworld
April4th April 2022Aldon FergusonRAF Sealand
May9th May 2022Clwyd WynneThe Denbigh Asylum
June6th June 2022Nigel Callaghan‘Orrible Murders - How people saw Cardiganshire through the 19th century newspapers
July4th July 2022Paul O’DonnellThe Liverpool and Manchester Railway
August1st August 2022Nigel DibbenThe Alderley Edge Mines
September5th September 2022Dr. Liz StewartThe Galkoffs and Pembroke Place
October3rd October 2022ShiverpoolShiverpool Virtual Tour
November7th November Cathy Shelbourne54 Maritime Heroes in 45 minutes
December5th December 2022Mike WabeChristmas and ghost stories

Want to be on the invitation list? Just fill in the form and we’ll e-mail you the joining instructions a day or two before each meeting.

We hope to meet you soon!