FoWT feature on TV’s Abandoned Engineering

TV’s popular and fascinating Abandoned Engineering on the Yesterday Channel

You have probably read that we welcomed a TV crew to film with us back in 2020. We were asked at the time not to announce details of the forthcoming program.

Well, I am pleased to announce that it was the creators of the very popular TV series, “Abandoned Engineering” that came to film with us that day. They were filming in the Williamson’s Tunnels with FoWT, making an episode for their brand new forthcoming series 7 which would be released in 2021. This series is also released in America and other country’s as “Mysteries of the Abandoned”.

If you have not watched Abandoned engineering, I do have to recommend it. It happens to be a favourite of several of FoWT’s volunteers. The series, made by Like a Shot: “Our long-running series is now into its seventh season as we continue to travel the world to seek out and explore the mysteries behind some of world’s most extraordinary abandoned places. Bridges, prisons, military installations, even entire villages and towns… these and many more have compelling stories to be told and secrets to be uncovered.”

It has now been confirmed that the new episode of Abandoned Engineering, featuring FoWT will be broadcast on Wednesday 24th March 2021 at 8pm (20.00hrs) on the Yesterday Channel. The Episode is titled “Dead Sea Disaster” Series 7 Episode 11

If you are not able to watch on the night of transmission, don’t worry you will be able to watch anytime you like on UK TV Play catch up.

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