FoWT to feature on two popular future TV shows…

The team on Mason Street with Natasha after filming Antiques Road Trip
Tom, Chris, Eric, Lynn, Mike and Natasha after filming Antiques Road Trip

Antiques Road Trip

Back in August 2020 soon after we reopened the tunnels, we were thrilled to be contacted by the TV production company STV. One of the many TV Programs that STV make is the very popular “Antiques Road Trip” for the BBC.

Two antiques experts compete against each other as they travel around the country in a classic car, buying and then selling their antique purchases at auction. I am delighted to say that we are to be featured in the forthcoming new series which will be aired towards the end of the year. Back in May 2013, we were also featured in an episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip when Edwina Curry and Paul Fawcett visited us in their red Triumph Spitfire.

Antiques expert Natasha Raskin Sharp arrived at Mason Street with a small film crew, spending prety much all day with us. We had a great day, it was hard work but otherwise very enjoyable. During the day, Natasha interviewed Tom and myself on both sites.

I think it is safe to say that Natasha enjoyed herself in the Tunnels.

We are looking forward to seeing this episode hit our TV screens later this year. We will announce when the episode will be aired once we know the details.

And another very popular TV program, to be announced…”

Then the week after, we welcomed yet another film crew to the Tunnels. This time we can’t yet disclose details on what the program is. But suffice to say, we are sure you will enjoy it.

This time, Tom alone had the pleasure of being interviewed. This TV series will I’m sure be a popular one, I personally have been a fan of this program for some time. Broadcast not only internationally but worldwide so this will reach a wide audience.

Sadly we will have to wait until sometime in 2021 for this to be screened on our TV’s though. Watch this space, once we are allowed to tell you more, we will announce details of the program and when it will be aired on this post, Twitter and Facebook.


  1. That sounds brilliant cant wait to see both episodes ,enjoyed my last viewing very much in person cant wait to see it again .

  2. May I say WOW how all of the volunteers have worked so hard to make the Tunnels so fantastic. I want to come again to see for myself how much things have changed in the past 10 Years, since my Late Husband and I visited. . Hopefully soon Virus permitting.

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