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We have been receiving a growing number of glowing reviews on Trip Advisor from visitors. Thanks to all those wonderful reviews, we have made the Top Spot, No 1 of “Places to visit in Liverpool”. This has resulted in being awarded a certificate of excelence. Now Even more importantly, is our amazing Liverpool Tourism Award 2019 

As you can imagine, this has created quite a demand for visits, well beyond the numbers we have been used to in the past. We have been getting visitors from not only Liverpool, but from much further afield in the UK and amazingly abroad too. we are becoming a truly International phenomenon.

Head to our “Visit the Tunnels” page to book your tour on-line.

Whether you are a Non-member wishing to visit our amazing Cathedral like Paddington site.

Looking down into the amazing Cathedral like Chamber in Paddington


If you are a Member, or would like to become a member of FoWT, you can continue to do the Extended tour of the Tunnels. This includes in addition to Paddington, Joseph Williamson’s house, with its newly exposed Kitchen and surprising features, as well as its subterranean secrets below. These include the Wine Bins, the Sandstone Arch, the Gash and the famous Banqueting Hall.

This amazing View down into the nearly empty Banqueting Hall

You will find information on becoming a member on our web site Membership page or you can download our leaflet here.

One thing that hasn’t changed though: tours of our Paddington Site are still Free, whilst Members can visit as often as they like, in the year of their membership, also Free of Charge.

We do, however, welcome donations to enable our team of dedicated volunteers to continue their vital work in saving this important piece of Liverpool’s History & Heritage.

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