Ash Chamber, We are nearly there…

The last few months have seen our digging team continue to dig out the Ash Chamber. The Ash Chamber has grown in size at quite an impressive rate and is the largest and deepest of the two chambers on Level 4. You may well have seen photographs already of our progress in uncovering the bedrock floor in this section. The Ash Chamber is also where the flooding takes place due being the deepest point of Paddington.

As we have continued to uncover ever more of this bedrock floor, which looks as though it may have been unfinished. You can see how uneven the bedrock floor is throughout this section in the photographs, you can even see in the bottom photograph where a section of incomplete gully has been marked out, ready to carve it out continuing the gully all the way round. Also, you may just be able to see that there is a curve shaped drain gully between the two buttresses. It would appear that all the flood water that continues to flow into this chamber has been flowing down from the Gypsum Chamber down this gully.

We should have this section finished by next Sunday, so hope to have more photos of this completed section next week.

Stay Tuned, and don’t forget you can visit this section for yourself during the Heritage Open Days 2016  

The Ash Chamber, very nearly empty now… Impressive…
The last bit of floor to be uncovered, you can see the section of incomplete gully, marked and ready to carve out on the left.

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