Progress at Paddington 20th Dec 2015


With only two digging days before Christmas, you can understand why there were not as many volunteers on site as usual. However, there were 13 helpers on site which is still a good turnout. We worked hard to partially fill skip 134. We are currently levelling out the floor whilst also the pumping out lots water. We have pretty much mastered the pumping process now. Using 4 pumps, we are now bringing out approx. 20 Litres a minute, overall we are doing well pumping this clean water up to the surface.

There have not been many finds in the last few months whilst digging in this section, due to the material being largely quarry waste. There have been a lot of sandstone blocks coming out though, some being very large pieces indeed and some quite nicely dressed too. One example of a piece of Sandstone was found this Wednesday.

The piece of huge sandstone is shown below has been found buried deep in the sand in this area, as you can imaging it extremely heavy and will take some moving. The fact that dressed stone is also being found is a clue that a lot of this stone would have been brought in to be dumped at Paddington.

Today, we also had a Christmas Carol Concert and mini Play, with the help of our musical member Gerry. It was great fun and sounded great in the Paddington caverns too. Thanks Gerry…

View down from Level 3 into Level 4
The water in the end of Level 4
Level 4
Level 4
Some of our volunteers, taking part in a Christmas carol concert with Gerry…

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