More on the discovery on Mason st

This week saw further excavation of the second trench exploring the garden path and other features at Mason Street.

On Wednesday the trench was made deeper but no path was discovered.
Today significant progress was made. As we dug down to a depth of about half a meter we found the path we hoped we would find. Again it is constructed from sandstone flag stones. Excavating further back in the trench exposed another vertically positioned stone adjacent to the garden side of the path.

Later we also found what remains of the stairs we hoped to find. It appears that only the bottom step remains,sitting immediately above the level of the path. It is a sandstone bull nose step with a rounded worked edge. The stair case would have been going up from the level of the path we have exposed. Presumably the level of the garden rose at that point towards the back of the Mason Street garden plot. Further metal pipework to supply gas to the parade ground lampposts (1891 O.S plan) was also revealed. It has been very satisfying uncovering features depicted in the 1847 O.S. map that still remain. Had the staircase been dropping down in level we may have extended the length of the trench, but unfortunately this is not what we have found.

Further work is required to tidy the trench edges. Again volunteers worked hard to progress this trench this week. They in turn were rewarded with the discovery of more interesting features.

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  1. Stairs of sand stone? You think thats ok
    You should see the stairs that i uncovered in overgrown waste ground they are of sandstone but unlike yours these are in pristine condition. Theres some 14 or 15 of them leading down the bottom of which and faceing left is an old iron grill or grating which is padlocked behind this is what looks like a solid oak door this is also padlocked.(wander what’s behind it all).
    This door leads under an old disused railway embankment. Whats under that bank?!!!
    Intrigued. I uncovered the stairs at the age of 8 or nine years old whilst playing war games in a nearby forrest. I’m 69 years old now and the steps are still in there original condition. Still uncovered in fact i don’t think any one know’s of their existance.

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