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Toms YouTube Videos

During the last few months, the Covid-19 pandemic caused the closure of the tunnels to visitors and all digging and exploration activities. Though in between lockdowns, when government restrictions allowed, Tom Stapledon, Trustee and guide of FoWT, accompanied by a very small group of dedicated volunteers returned to the tunnels once a week to carry out any maintenance that was needed and keep an eye on the security of the tunnels system.

This very quiet time while the tunnels were deserted was also the ideal opportunity for Tom to venture below ground to create a series of walk through videos. Each video exploring a different section of the Tunnels at our Mason Street and Paddington sites.

The following videos have been uploaded to our YouTube Channel during the last few months. If you have not yet explored our YouTube channel, perhaps you should take a look. There are quite a few interesting videos for your enjoyment, ranging from the building of our staircase down into the deepest section in Paddington to the original and new version. “Journey of a bucket”.

But for now, here is Tom’s series of excellent videos for you to enjoy.

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