Defibrillators now on site

Tom, Lynn & Mike with our Defibrillator…

Walk around many of our towns and city’s these days and you will probably have noticed that defibrillators are more widely available. These important life saving devices are essential for when the unexpected happens to us.

FoWT’s Trustees, made the decision a while ago to equip our sites with defibrillators as a means of protecting not only our working volunteers but also the many visitors that visit the tunnels. Sadly these days we never know when the worst will happen and we may be in need of one of these Life Saving devices.

We were very grateful to Mike Moran, of Proton Partners International, Rutherford cancer centre for Donating our first defibrillator, which is to be located at Mason Street. We will be ordering a second unit for the Paddington Site too.

Alan Walker, giving us defibrillator training

Though defibrillators are intended for use by non-medically trained persons, when every second counts to save someone’s life, it does help to have a good knowledge of what to do whilst waiting for an Ambulance to arrive. We are very grateful to Alan Walker, from Speke Education and Training Centre (S.T.E.C) who agreed to come to Mason Street to train our volunteers on the use of our Defibrillators.

Whilst it is comforting to know that we are prepared for the worst, let’s hope that we never need to use either of these defibrillators…

Our defibrillator, in place, just in case. Lets hope we dont need them…


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