Map of the Williamson’s Tunnels Updated…

The Map first produced by the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels in Feb 2016 to show the Known and Suspected Williamson’s Tunnels in Edge Hill has now been updated.


Edge Hill Tunnels Map - May 2018
The Known and Suspected Tunnels in Edge Hill – Updated, May 2018


You will probably have read about our exciting new find in the Banqueting Hall. Where we have uncovered a Rock Cut tunnel down within a Trench in the floor of the Banqueting Hall. As a result of this, we have now updated our Map to show the location of both the Trench and this New Tunnel…

Close up of the Williamson’s House Site. The dotted line in the Banqueting Hall, is the Trench that runs acccross the Banqueting Hall and towards the Gash. The New Rock Cut Tunnel can be seen extending out into the left hand wall of the Banqueting Hall.

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